Man on Fire

The Man Who Set Himself On Fire

The Man who set Himself On Fire, Volume One. Is a series of eBooks to be rolled out by me, Donald W. Bogen, Jr. These short inspirational stories are about my life. Incorporating my struggles growing up and graphic details about a gory gasoline fire I was involved in (2007).

As a community Organizer and an advocate for the youth, I want people to see why some kids and people turn out the way they do. As people, we often label others without knowing their stories. I am fully aware that a book that tells all could easily affect the way people view me, both positive and negative. However, after dedicating my adult life to righting my wrongs, I felt this was a story that had to be told.

I am one of many who have overcome homelessness, incarceration and physical disfigurement and I feel compelled to right my wrongs by inviting others to learn from my mistakes and try to understand why some make the decisions they do. This book will give you insight into my life and the mindset in which I made my decisions at that time. It will expose some of you to a world you probably never know existed right in your own community or neighborhood.

This is not a conventional book, the writing style target those who have had similar struggles. The short inspirational stories allows the reader to travel into selected moments of times from my life. Needless to say, however, this would be a great read for parents, school teachers, youth, youth pastors, policemen and other community leaders who want to better understand the youth of our time.

This first volume, “The Big Bang and The Beginning,” starts off with the details of the 2007 gas fire that has played a significant role in my life to this present. In volume one I describe my day to day routine and all the events which led up to that painful day of the fire.

Obviously as title, this is  The Big Bang. The second half of Volume One is The Beginning. Starting from birth and demonstrates a sense of my family structure  I grow up in. It show how situations can affect a person‟s decision-making ability. It give insight to our extreme poverty and highlights my father‟s and mother‟s relentless will to provide.

The Man Who Set Himself on Fire is a metaphor of the 2007 fire, indicating and acknowledging that my circumstances and the decisions made by me which, caused my life to go up in flames. You will enjoy this great read; as I attempted to share my heart and soul to help others understand, those who are left in the shadows of society.